A FESTIVAL OF HARVEST. The biggest festival of kerala, it not only reflects the faith of the people but a belief in legendry past, religion and power of worship.
It is celebrated in the first month of malyalam calendar, falls in the month of august and september. Onam is celebrated to honor king mahabali, people believes that on this day the spirit of mahabali visits kerala, marks the fest and the festivity.
It is a ten day affair. Atham and thiru onam are the most important days for onam. Onam is a harvest festival, it appears as the mirth and good times every where, the fields looks beautiful.
Children eagerly wait for the arrival of the carnival, they wear new clothes, toys . it is home coming for the families. The beauty of the festivals lies in its secular fabrics, people of all religions, castes and communities celebrate festival with equal joy and verve. Onam also helps to create an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood by way of various team of sports organised on the day. Flowers carpet starts from the day, attha poo is prepared is prepared in whose honour onam is celebrated.
People wake up early as 4 am on the day of onam. Day begins with cleaning of the house. In earlier days, front courtyards were smeared with cow dungs. The customs is still followed in villages, where the houses are not cemented.
Celebrations and cultural programmes are held all across the state to mark the festival of onam in which a large number of people participate. Prominent amongst them are vallmiki- the snake boat race. The other high point of onam is the dazzling display of fire works. The state of kerala can be seen engulfed in light and spirit of the merriment when people burst fire crackers.

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