Festival of lights karthigai a tamil month and deepam means light.
A festival with different name but same significance as bhai doojh or raksha bandhan. It is the most auspicious festival of tamils. They celebrate it as the day when lord muruga was born. The legend says lord muruga took the form of six babies in a lake called sarvana poigai. He was from the flames of eyes of lord shiva which were united by devi parvati. Special rituals are performed to lord muruga on this day. Legends say lamps are lit on the holy hill on this day, the divine energy of shiva are radiated to all the cosmos.
The lamps are burn on this day, are considered as a symbol of holiness. The lamp is lit in almost every part of the house. The burning of the lamp signifies the spiritual notion, the flame is spiritual knowledge. Light signifies the victory of good over evil. They ought to bring peace and prosperity with the lamps. The houses are cleaned , the actual festival starts with the rise of full moon, on seeing the moon lamps are lit. People put rangoli or their door step
The festivals shows the love between brothers and sisters in south india. The idea behind celebrating karthigai deepam is to keep bad things away and brings positivity in life.
The delicious food is served and the roads and the houses are well decorated, this festival brings the family ties together, forgets all their worries and spends quality time together. Gifts are exchanged between friends and family.
Karthigai deepam is celebrated for three days. First day large lamps are lit on second day the number is reduced and on the last the two lamps are put on the entrance door, children gaily burst crackers, it is an extension to deewali.

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