Eid-al-adha ,a festival of sacrifice, popularly known as  bakra-eid.  This festival is of great Islamic gravity and a pompous event of great enthusiasm. This festival is a four day Islamic rituals starting from 10th of day of ‘dhul hajj’ to commemorate the willingness of prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son.

It is celebrated in honour of Prophet Abraham, his devotion to almighty Allah. It is said when god appeared to Abraham (A.S), known as Ibrahim to Muslims in a dream and asked to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience, he was tempted by a devil, who asked him to disobey god by saying to spare his son Ishmail. But giving devil’s words a deaf ear Prophet Abraham was happily ready to sacrifice his everything including his son. God was so impressed his devotion that when he was to slaughter his son god send his angel named JIBRA’il who put a ram instead of his son’s head. 

Eid-al –adha is the time for sacrifice to Muslims, to understand the true devotion to Allah almighty, to understand Prophet Abraham’s great devotion to his god. Many Muslims travels the most holy ‘Mecca’ of Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. At the end of the hajj Muslims though out the world celebrate the public holiday of Eid-ul-adha.

The hearty festival starts by wearing new clothes, offering prayers in mosques , followed by a brief sermon in the morning by the imam, remembering Prophet Abraham. People went back to their homes where they symbolically sacrifice an animal, an act called “qurbani’. The slaughtered animal is then divided into three parts, the family keeps one-third part of the share, another share is given to the relatives, friends and neighbours and the remaining is given to poor and needy. 

Animals like cows, goats and camels are in great demand and are primarily slaughtered and are of great demand among the buyers and the heavily breed is pie of eye among the buyers. Some countries have banned the slaughtering of animals like U.S.A, Australia and India.

Eid-al-adha is a festival of lavishly cooked food, with stroking high services by mosques serving food to the poor, and remembering the service of great prophet Abraham.

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