India, a land of festival and faith, a magical country in the world where ancient  rituals still exists and followed religiously. One such festival of faith is ‘Chath’, a festival of profound faith in lord sun and his beloved wife Usha.

A great Hindu festival which is predominantly celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Nepal and Bihar. 

Chath is a Sanskrit word which means sixth, and in Maithli and Bhojpuri ‘chath’  also means sixth,  performed on kartika shukal shahthi , hence derive its name is celebrated in the month of October and November. It is the important and the longest festival after Navratri for Hindu’s. They believe that it as the beginning of new harvest.

God sun and his wife Usha is worshipped during chath pooja. Sun is the source of energy and life force and is of considered the powerful as Hindu’s god. In chath pooja they honour lord sun and his wife in order to thank them for bestowing their bounties of life. Hindu’s pays its homage to the sun for well being, prosperity and progress.

The joyous festival starts from four days from Diwali and lasts for four more days. The According to Vedas, the most scared Rigveda contains hymns worshipping sun and describes sun god rituals. Chatthi maiya is worshipped in the famous chath  pooja, which is referred as Usha in Vedas. According to the great legends in ancient time, it is said that draupadi and pandavas worshipped lord sun on chath pooja for their problem regarding their lost kingdom.

During the days of chath  pooja the worshippers observes purity and chastity by sleeping on the floor  and by eating only one time in a day, the food  is cooked without onion, garlic and salt. The women fast so strictly during these four days.There are four days of celebrating this festival they are called-

  • Nahay khay
  • Lohanada and kharna
  • Sandhya arghya
  • Usha arghya

They have made six stages to do the pooja

  • This satge is detoxification stage of body and soul, people prefer ganga to have a bathe.
  • Second stage is inside the water  giving arghya.
  • Third stage is called triveni complex ,i.e  opening  the entrance of solar energy in the body.
  • The triveni complex activated.
  • devotees transforms into cosmic powerhouse.
  • Last stage includes purification of soul and the body that makes the body recycle and pass the energy to the entire world.

Scientifically the rituals are designed around the optimum absorption of vitamin D and calcium into body which is beneficial for women, it improved the immunity of human body, provides as an antiseptic effect to the body of devotee.

The lavishly made Prasad includes rice, wheat, fresh fruits, dry fruits, coconut, nut, jaggery and ghee. People eat eat kheer, chapattis and fruits in the evening.

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